How to: Formwork for curved sections in bridge construction

Assembling and installing formwork for concreting sections in bridge construction is highly time-consuming, due to the irregular cross-sectional shape. Stremaform® “self-supporting” concrete to concrete jointing system is a prefabricated permanent formwork. It enables the Contractor to pour a sequence of concrete pours, whilst attaining an established concrete bond throughout the joint, ultimately reducing the construction period.

Installation and removal of complex timber formwork is now no longer necessary. Where round edges are present, the appropriate spacers for maintaining the concrete cover are already preassembled. The continuous longitudinal reinforcement is simply pushed through the material of the formwork sections.

When using Stremaform® for working joints, an extremely high bond is created between the first and second concrete pour. The Stremaform® flat material achieves the results of an indented joint, even if it is unprofiled.

How to:

  • Stremaform® formwork elements are manufactured in accordance with your requirements and delivered as individual, ready-to-install, sections.
  • Position and fix the units along the working joint.
  • Install the lower longitudinal reinforcement through the Stremaform® sections and interconnect them.
  • Place the upper longitudinal reinforcement over the formwork sections and mount a wooden strip on top to finish.
  • Pour the first concrete section.
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